Headquaters: Hastings, Michigan


Most of the work I do is backend development and often behind a login and so can't be viewed. To get demo access for review, please contact us. The following are examples to highlight various projects and integrations I've worked on.

Worked with Postcard Services to develop Direct Mail Manager. Direct Mail Manager currently integrates with Batchbook, BigCommerce, Etsy, FreshBooks, Highrise, InfusionSoft, Intuit, and Salesforce. Direct Mail Manager was a winner of the 2011 Intuit App Showcase. Direct Mail Manager is written in ASP and PHP.
Worked with Postcard Services to develop their patent pending Direct Mail Marketing Tool. Fill out a little bit of information and customized templates are automatically populated with your data and images, ready to be ordered and printed and mailed to your mailing list, targeting your specific audience. I've worked with Postcard Services since 2004 and their database currently has over 50,000 orders and 75,000 customers. Postcard Services also includes it's own API. Postcard Services is written primarily in ASP, but includes windows services written in Python.
Partnered with Radius to develop Radius. This multi-year SAAS project was written in Ruby on Rails and includes integrations to Nexmo, real-time messages pub-sub messaging (using Faye), background jobs (Resque), email processing, drip processing and more.
Worked with Clever Investor instead to improve and update their M5 ultimate marketing platform. Written in ruby on rails, I've added the site builder functionality to automatically build and host websites (hosted and deployed on heroku). I also took a text marketing machine that was no longer working and integrated it with Nexmo and setup the application on their servers. Also wrote new plugins for the Aloha Editor that's used with the M5 system. See my github account to see the plugins
Worked with Postcard Services create their online list ordering tool. Integrates google maps and accudata to produce address counts based on your criteria while visually selecting zip codes, carrier routes, states or even an area radius around a specific address.
Intregrated Intuit with Direct Mail Manager and Quickbooks for Postcard Services. One of the 2011 Intuit App Showcase winners.
Integrated nexmo with Radius and Clever Investor's M5 Text Machine
Worked with Postcard Services to implement Direct Mail Manager with Batchbook.
Implemented Google oAuth authentication in Radius
Integrated Highrise with Direct Mail Manager.
Integrated Esty with Direct Mail Manager.
Integrated Freshbooks with Direct Mail Manager
Integrated Salesforce with Direct Mail Manager
Integrated Infusionsoft with Direct Mail Manager
Created a case management application for Medical Third party Resources, Inc (MTPR). Handles tracking of and reporting of cases and patients for MTPR hospitals and facilities.
Worked with DFW Web Design to Create the Fix It Offer application. DFW Web Design worked with the customer to get application specifics and I created the database, registration pages, logins and back end administration sections.

Additional Projects available upon request...

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